Comprehensive Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Getting perplexed when preparing your travel arrangements?


Kimidar Tours presents you a comprehensive travel checklist to help you organize your trip preparation.

  • Pre-Travel Preparations:

¨ Check  passport  validity (min. 6 months)

¨ Obtain entry visa

¨ Book flight tickets

¨ Book hotel accommodation

¨ Setup airport pickup

¨ Buy train tickets (if needed)

¨ Buy event tickets (Sports, Theatres, Festivals)

¨ Set up car rental

¨ Make an itinerary.

¨ Travel agent info & trip cancellation info

¨ Exchange currency if international travel

  • Documentation Essentials:

¨  Passport and copy

¨  Entry Visa

¨  Flight Tickets

¨  Train Tickets

¨  Travel Insurance (plus copy)

¨  Hotel Reservation Voucher

¨  Int’l driving license (Plus copy)

¨  Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, ….etc)

¨  Membership cards, calling cards

¨  Phone address book

¨  Business Cards

¨  Travel discounts cards (Aeroplane, Air mileage, etc)

  • Home / Apartment Preparation

¨ Stop home deliveries

¨ Redirect mail or arrange for someone to get it

¨ Cancel subscriptions

¨ Set up child care for children not coming

¨ Set up caretaker for Pet(s)

¨ Inform neighbours that you trust

¨ Leave a house key with someone you trust

¨ Secure windows, doors, garages, sheds

¨ Close all curtains and blinds

¨ Remove any valuable items from yard

¨ Determine lights to leave on or set timer

¨ Water plants in home and yard

¨ Unplug microwaves, toaster, coffee machines or other small appliances

¨ Empty trash cans and put trash out for pickup

¨ Wash dishes

¨ Consider emptying perishables in refrigerator

¨ Consider turning off water heater

¨ Turn off water & electricity sources

¨ Switch on answer machine on home phone

  • Back-Packing

¨ Pack luggage, but not more than you can carry

¨ Include contact information in children’s luggage.

¨ Seasonal clothing needs

¨ Jackets, coats, rain gear and umbrellas

¨ Swim suits and swimming towels

¨ Appropriate shoes or footwear.

¨ Formal wear, belts, ties

¨ Socks, underwear, nylons

¨ Hats, caps, visors, gloves, mittens

¨ Pajamas, night gown, sweat pants

¨ Baby items

¨ Attach luggage tags

¨ Include emergency information

¨ First-aid kit

¨ Camera, camcorder, film, tapes, batteries.

¨ Cell phone and cell phone charger

¨ Laptop or with Charger and Connectors

¨ Road maps and guide books

¨ Language books for international travel

¨ Binoculars for sightseeing

  • Medications

¨ Headache Medicine, Pain Relievers, Aspirin

¨ Necessary Prescription Pharmaceuticals

¨ Cold Medicine, Cough Medicine

¨ Glasses, Sun Glasses, Contact Lenses And Solution

¨ Indigestion Medications

¨ Sunscreen, Skin Burn Lotion, Lip Balm

¨ General First Aid Cream

¨ Motion Sickness Pills

¨ Vitamins

¨ Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Floss

¨ Combs,  Brushes

¨ Deodorant,CologneAnd Perfume

¨ Bar Soap, Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Laundry Soap

¨ Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Treatment

¨ Shaving Cream And Razors

¨ Makeup/ Cosmetic Kits, Mirrors

¨ Blow Dryers, Curling Irons, Curlers

¨ Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Scissors


  • Extra Items

¨ Leave itinerary, lodging and hotel information with friends or family.

¨ Pay bills that will be due before you get back

¨ Inform family members

¨ Get inoculations necessary for international travel

¨ Set (Out of office) auto-responder on business email

Brought to you by Kimidar Tours…



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