What do you know about Sabah, Malaysia

Sabah, or Malaysian Borneo as it is sometimes referred to, is somewhat of a hidden gem – a relatively remote and unspoiled Asian destination that is brimming with fun and adventure opportunities but is little known by many travelers.
It’s suitable for all types of leisure seekers – from couples and honeymooners seeking relaxation and solace on a pristine beach and families demanding a fun-filled resort-type holiday with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, to niche groups such as culture vultures in search of temples, wildlife lovers hoping to spot rare bird, plant and marine life species and adventure travelers hunting out thrilling adrenalin-fueled experiences, from mountain climbing to deep sea diving.
Corporate clients are well catered for too, particularly incentive groups seeking a challenge
of a lifetime – staying at a survival camp or trekking through the jungle perhaps – all
complemented by more relaxing pursuits such as sampling the unique Sabahan cuisine or
relaxing on a beach or at a spa.

Whatever the purpose of travelling to Sabah, visitors are guaranteed a rich cultural experience and
a very warm welcome given the inherent hospitable nature of the Sabahans. It is also important to note that this tropical land of Orang-utans, lush jungle and diverse landscapes is also highly accessible.
All clients need do is hop on a flight to one of Asia’s major hubs – KL, Singapore or Hong Kong, to name but a few – and then catch a connecting flight to Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu, where most hotels and resorts are in close proximity.
With so much to offer in this unique destination that is deemed mystical and remote, yet easy to reach, there is no excuse not to visit Sabah.


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