Something big is happening in Paris

French furniture company Fermob is making this possible through July 7. The legendary landmark’s 125th birthday this year coincides with the 125th anniversary of Fermob’s Bistro chair, and to a-replica-of-the-eiffel-tower-built-with-red-bimark the occasion, Fermob has created a replica Tower using 324 bright red chairs, one for each meter of the Eiffel Tower’s height. Fermob announced its tower, which is about 43 feet tall, on Twitter, teasing that: “Something big is happening in Paris,” with a photo of the chairs being arranged with the help of two cranes. The Bistro chair, ubiquitous around France’s many famous outdoor cafés, is almost as iconically French as la Tour itself, so the joint birthday celebration seems fitting. And although Fermob’s tower is only a fraction of the height of Gustave Eiffel’s, from the far end of the Champ de Mars they almost look like twins. Bien fait, Fermob!

Eiffel Tower has found its little sister on its 125th birthday. Fermob, a French company, has constructed a replica of Paris’ most well-known landmark using red bistro chairs, placing the installation on Champ de Mars for a free show for tourists.

Tourists travelling to Paris, France will see the Eiffel Tower now showcasing another masterpiece with Fermob’s 125th anniversary tribute to Gustave Eiffel’s famous tower.

“I am convinced that Gustave Eiffel, who said ‘iron is the material of ideas,’ to show the infinite creative potential of this material, would have been pleased with this nod to him,” Bernard Reybier, CEO of Fermob, told Reuters TV.

Gustave Eiffel, according to the Eiffel Tower’s official Web site, had created not only Paris’ most famous landmark, but also landmarks such as the Dome of the Observatory of Nice and the metal structure of the well-known Statue of Liberty in the U.S.

“He [Gustave Eiffel] would be happy that 125 years later, his tower, which was so widely criticized, was accepted in the Parisian landscape, as a landmark of French identity, and to see a tribute through this nod to him, which is maybe impertinent but full of humility,” Fermob’s Bernard Reybier added.

An engineer, architect and a scientist born in 1832, Gustave Eiffel is known for his specialization in metal structures. According to Reybier, he was certain Gustave Eiffel would have forgiven him and his company for using the red bistro chairs as a sign of “impertinence” and that the gesture would have made the late Eiffel “smile.”

The Eiffel Tower replica is reportedly set to remain on the Champ de Mars, the public park looking toward the Eiffel Tower, until July 7 and will then be moved to an undisclosed location in Paris.

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