The great Music travels with Kimidar and Teatro Sociale di Como

Maria Paola Di Grigoli


For the third year in a row, Kimidar Tours is named to be  Egypt’s leading travel agency within World Travel Awards Competition. With over 30 year  experience in the travel & tourism market, Kimidar Group is one of Egypt’s largest and most highly respected Travel Agents, Hoteliers and developers. Consisting of twelve corporations, with a current staff of 2,300 professionals, and an expanding portfolio of visionary projects. The Group owns 8 hotels, with over 3,000 rooms at Golden 5City Hotels & Resort, and has over 3,000 new touristic arrivals every week. The Group additionally has one of the top Travel companies, a Development and Property business, large agricultural company producing fruit and vegetables, construction company, and a transportation company.

Tailored for our beloved Italian customers, ‘Culture travels with Kimidar’ is a special promotional campaign, joining the prestigious partnership of famous Teatro Sociale in Como  . The customers who…

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