Your boarding pass deserves some care

That barcode means something.

Your flight boarding pass is as important as your passport and it can reveal as much as your passport does. Watch out your boarding pass and never throw it just as any unimportant piece of paper even after your flight.

Sure, all your flight information are there in the airline or travel agency records, but you may want to think twice before snapping a photo of the paper document and posting it on social media—or throwing it away the moment you get off a flight.

Here’s why: In light of the current sophisticated techno world and the increasing power of internet attackers, should someone get access to the barcode printed on airline boarding passes, security bloggers have noted that others may be able to discover more about you, your future travel plans, and – potentially – your frequent flyer account by using sites like these to break apart the barcode. Once they have your confirmation number and can log in, subsequent options and information are made available – and once they are, someone could even change your seat, cancel any future flights, and even reset your airline account PIN number. A recent attempt, using a discarded boarding pass, revealed (among other things) the traveler’s name and Passenger Name Record, the code used for finding and tweaking a reservation. Oftentimes, that code is already printed on the boarding pass itself—no barcode needed.

The odds of someone actually doing this are, of course, relatively unlikely, and it’s hard to believe anyone would hack your account only to swap your aisle seat for a middle. Still, it pays to be careful, which means that you should think twice before posting—and save your paper tickets for the shredder.

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