Kimidar Tours nominated as Africa’s Leading Travel Agency

Excitement is reverberating across Egypt’s travel scene as Kimidar Tours has been nominated by the World Travel Awards Organization as ‘Africa’s Leading Travel Agency‘.

Kimidar Tours Egypt's Leading Travel Agency
Kimidar Tours Egypt’s Leading Travel Agency



Often referred to as Oscars of the Travel, the awards are widely hailed as the most prestigious and comprehensive in the travel and tourism industry, and scooping this title will further cement Kimidar Tours’ leadership position in the market.

With 35 years of success in the market, Kimidar Tours has been one of the few organisations that has maintained a sense of stability in spite of the challenges thrown before Egypt in few past years.

Worthy to mention, Kimidar Tours has been names officially as Egypt’s Leading Travel Agency at the World Travel Awards for the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This year, Kimidar Tours is running to keep its preferred trophy as Egypt’s Leading Travel Agency in addition to scooping the new trophy as Africa’s Leading Travel Agency. The trophy goes to the winner by votes from both individual persons and travel industry professionals – whose vote is counted as 2 votes.

 How to vote?

For the travel industry professionals, please tick “I work in travel industry” and fill in your organization details in order to count your vote as 2 votes.

  • You will receive a verification email message and you should click the verification link.
  • Click each link of the below to go directly to Kimidar Tours dedicated voting page and choose “Kimidar Tours” in each time
  1. Africa’s Leading Travel Agency: http://ly/Kimidar_AFRWTA
  2. Egypt’s Leading Travel Agency: http://ly/Kimidar_EGYWTA

PS: On this occasion, Kimidar Tours is selecting its “Honorary Guest” for the year 2018 to award & appreciate its loyal customers. Do not forget to send a snapshot of each voting for Kimidar Tours and send to ( if you would like to enter a draw to be the honorary guest of the year 2018 for a free trip in Egypt.

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